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Joining forces with York Military

York Digital Agency, Tailor Made Media at Imphal Barracks

Tailor Made Media, York’s military commanders and the military’s Civil Servants joined forces with other industry leaders at Imphal Barracks earlier this year to share ideas on modern leadership.

Speaking to almost 100 military personnel from the Headquarters of  1(UK) Division; Samantha Ware, CEO and Founder of York-based Digital Marketing Agency and Chamber member, Tailor Made Media, led discussions on both inspirational and entrepreneurial approaches to leadership.  Captain Tony Viney, an Officer within the Headquarters said, “We asked Samantha to come and speak to us, not only to hear a different approach to leadership, but also to inspire us and to challenge our way of thinking“.

This event is one of a series of sessions designed to further develop the ways in which military commanders lead through demonstrating different ways of managing, problem-solving and thinking outside the box.  “We acknowledge that though we pride ourselves on our ability to lead, that there are always other ways of doing it“, commented Captain Viney. “What Samantha did today was to open our minds to other approaches.  Military leadership is often perceived as being associated with traditional hierarchical models. We want to inspire our people to lead in ways that empower, whilst sending a message that they care about developing positive working relationships with both our military and civilian staff alike. In turn, we hope to inspire the next generation to develop their own approach to modern, military leadership. This often means learning from leaders outside our field“.

Major Mark Gresty, an Army Physical Trainer added “In the Army, we have a strong belief that we naturally lead well, so to have the opinions and expertise, tried and tested examples from someone like Samantha is hugely useful to us. The leadership presentation gave us cause to think, and as is required of good leaders; the opportunity to evaluate, learn and challenge our own styles traits and beliefs.  Samantha’s talk went down really well with both the military and civilian staff alike.  It’s testimony to her delivery style and natural ability to enthuse that there were so many questions at the end.  You could say it was ‘Mission accomplished!’.”

When reflecting on the success of the day, Samantha added “Leaders create the vision and set direction, it doesn’t matter if you lead a small business or a regiment, the principles are largely the same, albeit the context is of course very different. Both lines of work have challenges to overcome and require leaders to influence their people to achieve results.

I felt incredibly honoured to have been asked to help inspire fresh thinking within York’s Military. By reaching out to local businesses, they clearly demonstrate a progressive approach to developing leadership styles”.

Following the success of Samantha’s talk, we hope to engage with more industry leaders from as many different fields as possible in the future” added Captain Viney. “This was a win for everyone and we want to build upon it“.

Imphal Barracks on Fulford Road dates back to 1877 is currently home to the Headquarters of  1 (UK) Division commanded by Major General R W Wooddisse CBE MC.  The Division is persistently engaged across the globe covering tasks ranging from counter poaching operations to security assistance in Kabul.

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