York entrepreneur to encourage businesses to think big when it comes to digital and diversity

CEO of York-based digital agency, Tailor-Made Media, Samantha Ware, is due to address North East based waste management professionals, following an invitation from the Chartered Institution of Wastes Managers at an event in early August.

The event, held at the Nestlé head office on Haxby Road, will see Mrs Ware share insight to support online growth and digital transformation in the waste management industry, but also use it as a platform to encourage diversity in an industry that is traditionally male dominated.

“Waste management companies need to think big when it comes to digital. There is no magic formula that can transform a company digitally overnight, yet, the waste management companies that are getting ahead are those who are embracing new technologies. This includes prioritising digital functions, such as analytics, Information Technology and data management. Comments Samantha.

“They need to focus on customer experience to build strong relationships with companies and end users.

“I would like to share tried and tested approaches with the audience to help them focus on what they need to do to grow their online presence as well as share some marketing secrets to help improve the bottom line”. Adds Samantha.

Gill Mulroe, Centre Councillor for the Chartered Institution of Wastes Managers, invited Samantha to talk at the event. “I asked Samantha to talk as she has a wealth of experience in digital marketing and a fresh perspective.”

Sam adds “Companies should embrace the competitive advantage of a more diverse workforce to drive exceptional business results. It is well proven that diverse teams promote creativity, innovation and impact on the bottom line”.

“The Waste industry has developed throughout the years and introduced steps to encourage more diverse applicants to join this booming sector and reverse the conception that it’s an ‘all boy’s club.” Comments Gill.

Encouraging diversity and Inclusion is something Gill regularly does as a CIWM Councillor.

“I thoroughly believe diversity does offer a different dynamic to a situation and by having an equal balance of not only male and female colleagues but of different attitudes, cultures, experience and approaches will encourage further positive developments in the waste management industry”.

The Contract Management, Procurement and Marketing event will be held at Nestlé, 9am on 2nd August 2019, with speakers from Nestlé, Sodexo and Eunomia.