What To Look For in an Agency

So, you want to broaden your social media presence and generate more leads, but don’t know where to start? Agencies can provide a detailed insight into the social media industry and valuable knowledge when it comes to generating more leads and engagement for your business. The task of hiring a media agency can be a daunting one, so here are some pointers to bear in mind when looking for an agency:


1)    Research agencies far and wide

Agencies frequently work with clients overseas or regionally. Don’t feel tied to stick with agencies that are nearby if there is a better offer further afield. Liaising over Skype, email and telephone can be just as effective as frequent face to face meetings; saving time and travel costs. Remember your selection criteria should be based on quality of previous work produced and how well they meet your current business needs over quantity of projects undertaken. Read company reviews and look at case studies and portfolios to get a taste of what kind of expertise they can offer you. You are looking for genuine, tangible ROI for your own activity so it’s crucial you understand from the start if your pitch shortlist will be able to deliver real results and not just so -called “vanity metrics


2)    Go in with a plan of your aims and objectives

Be sure to devise an action plan that outlines what you expect from your agency. Summarise your budget and explain the target audience you’re trying to reach.   Navigate what your company is having issues with i.e are your leads not qualified, is your social media engagement low and your posts not generating a return, or do you wish to start from scratch and use social media for to maximise exposure? 


3)    Use your pitch time wisely

When it comes to pitching, ensure you only invite a limited number of agencies to make the decision easier and not leave you overwhelmed with options. Pitch time is the perfect opportunity to ask all the questions you may have and don’t be afraid to give agencies a bit of a grilling, they’re there to help you at the end of the day; no matter the query.

A good agency should be enthusiastic, come prepared, ask the right questions and most of all be prepared to listen.

Although this is a chance for agencies to pitch to win the business, it’s important to remember that it is also a chance to inspire the teams pitching to want to work with you too. The pitch should be about help you find a partner in order for you to work together to address the challenges you face right from the off.


4)    Look for previous campaign experience

Enquire about their previous campaign experience. Ask to see examples of campaigns/ strategies they’ve previously worked on and current content they produce to see if it aligns with the vision that you and your company have in mind. Take a vision board with you to clearly exemplify what you want to achieve both visually and logistically.


5)    Meet who will be working on your account

It’s always best to put a name to a face and knowing who will be managing your account can be invaluable. Often a senior person will attend the initial pitch meeting, and they will never touch the account again – so it’s critical you know your day-to-day contact is up to the task.


6)    Don’t be afraid to say no

If you find you’re just not gelling with an agency during your pitch meeting and something just doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to decline partnership with them. Every business is unique, and agencies have to be able to fit with you and your business and be able to offer an individual and distinctive approach to your company. Feel free to politely decline and keep searching because the right agency will be out there; it can be a trial and error process but a worthwhile one when you find the perfect fit for you.

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