Video Content: Supercharge Your Output

Making video content in 2020 is hard. Making good video content in 2020 is even harder.  

During the Covid-19 lockdown, usage of Instagram Reels, Tik Tok and YouTube soared in correlation with the additional time spent at home by families, showcasing the importance of developing high quality, memorable long and short form content. 

There’s just one problem for businesses who are trying to catapult their existing content to wider audiences. A big one.  

Over 500 hours’ worth of video content is uploaded to YouTube every hour. It would take you 10 years to view all the photos posted to Snapchat in the past hour. Over 30,000 hours of content is added to Tik Tok every sixty minutes. This doesn’t begin to cover Instagram or Facebook! 

As a business owner, it can be hard to cut through the noise. How do you get the world to know about your brand?  

You may be thinking: is video even an option for my business in the big world of online advertising? 

The answer is YES.  

Here at TailorMade Media, we’ve put together incredible video content for companies such as Bright Green Plastics and Australian vitamin brand VÖOST – video content that genuinely works. 

A Revolution In Plastics – Trade Cheap For High Quality With Bright Green Plastics

Here at Tailor-Made Media, we’re actively working with businesses who align with our sustainability values, including Bright Green Plastics.  

Our video campaign on Facebook appealed to businesses who may be tempted to purchase cheap plastic from abroad, rather than using recycled plastic processed here in the UK due to the cost difference.  

How many people saw the ad? We reached 14,873 individual users. 

Did anybody click on the ad? 1,512 users clicked through register their interest in goods from Bright Green Plastics. 

How much did it cost? Each click cost £0.02 – which provided an excellent return on investment for Bright Green Plastics.

Stopping PRN Fraud With Bright Green Plastics 

We worked with Bright Green Plastics to raise awareness of their petition: “Save our UK recycling industry”. 

The UK government financially rewards reproccesors and exporters to collect and responsibly deal with reusable plastic waste but does not check whether this waste is recycled or burnt. 

To combat this fraudulent activity, which is damaging sustainable UK businesses like Bright Green Plastics, we are working to bring a change to UK law with innovative social media postings and PR exposure. Even Rishi Sunak knows about our campaign! 

How many people saw the ad? We reached 8,564 individual users. 

Did anybody click on the ad? 960 users clicked through to learn more about PRN fraud and show their support. 

How much did it cost? Each click cost £0.02, a great result for an update video ad. 

Sending Super Traffic To Superdrug 

For over five years, we have continued to work with vitamin brand VÖOST to drive sales at their stockists, namely Boots and Superdrug. We worked hard to produce an engaging video which complied with all UK vitamin claims and regulations.  

How many people saw the ad? We reached 36,712 individual users. 

Did anybody click on the ad? 2,563 users clicked through to buy VÖOST vitamins with Superdrug. 

How much did it cost? Each click cost £0.09which enhanced the relationship with the retailer and drove sales, again delivering a fantastic return on investment for VÖOST. 

As you can see, our video content genuinely excites, gets businesses leads, engagement and clicks. In all honesty, our videos can appeal to every buzz word you’d ever want to use. They’re that good. 

That’s all well and good… but how does TailorMade Media do it?  

That’s a great question. How can Tailor-Made Media supercharge your video content? 

Tailor-Made Media focuses on success. We know that every business is different, and we know the overall goal for any brand is loyal customers. Not just customers, but ones that respect you and your goals. 

You want to be the chosen choice.  

So do we, which is why we’re always up to date on research, trends, your customers and marketplace. 

We know that for your business to generate sales, you need to be memorable, or provide something nobody else does.  

Our respected video production creates high-quality videos that stick in the mind of your target audience and keep reminding audiences that your product maybe isn’t just a ‘want’ item after all.  

To be needed is important for a business owner, which is why we’re here to take you to the places you dream of going. 

Don’t believe us? 

Check out our brand showcase video below and find out why video advertising is a great option for any business, large or small. Get ahead of the curve now with Tailor-Made Media, contact us today.