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Time To Hire A Marketing Agency? Top 3 Signs From The Experts

Many business owners and CEO’s have seen their business expand over time, increasing their work-load and priorities such as marketing have taken a back seat. Executing an effective marketing strategy takes time, effort and knowledge, and is often easier said than done. Almost every business, whether it’s small, medium or large, requires some form of marketing. Without marketing, businesses almost inevitably lose out to competitors and give themselves a bigger mountain to climb to the road to success. If your business isn’t getting as far as you would like it to be, it could be time to call in the experts and let a marketing agency take control of your business’ needs and start gaining better results. Here are 3 signs you’re ready to hire a marketing agency:

1. Your in-house team is seriously stretched.

Unless you’re a larger firm with a significant marketing budget, you’re unlikely to have the luxury of having an in-house marketing team. As marketing, at least effective marketing, is time-consuming, placing marketing tasks on individuals who are not specifically employed for marketing reasons and consequently don’t have the necessary skillsets, is likely to prove more detrimental to a business rather than positive, as you would be taking that individual away from their own daily duties, not to mention them taking a half-hearted approach to decision making and underwhelming performance in lead generation due to being over-worked.

This is a sign it’s time to call in the experts and let them take care of your marketing ventures whilst leaving your employees to work on their own fields of expertise, such as selling and growing the business.

2. You’re dissatisfied with your business’s online performance

Digital marketing can’t be that difficult, you tell yourself! But despite your own efforts within the digital spectre, you’re failing to get very far and reap any real, tangible rewards and gains. Now’s the time to hand your not-too-successful marketing campaign to the experts.

A professional and experienced marketing agency will look at your individual marketing requirements and objectives and generate an effective campaign that is tailored to your aims. Whether it’s breathing life into an existing website, getting you noticed on social media, or carrying out some old-fashioned yet effective PR, a marketing agency will use its expertise to help you execute a more effective marketing strategy.

3. You erroneously believe marketing is just for larger companies

Spending money and time on marketing is just for the ‘big guys’ right and smaller businesses can afford to forgo marketing and operate on word of mouth alone, right? Wrong! Research reveals that every £1 spent on marketing benefits an SME as much as eight times it would a larger company.

If you are of this mindset, recruiting a marketing agency will not only reassure you that your small business will benefit from a comprehensive and quality marketing campaign, but the agency will be able to implement and manage the campaign so it creates tangible and effective results.

Your immediate reaction might be that if your marketing budget is limited, you can’t afford to outsource marketing to an agency. In reality, employing an agency to take care of such campaigns can be cost-effective.

Hiring an internal marketing team can prove to be significantly costlier than calling in an agency. Furthermore, you can ask an agency to tailor a campaign to your specific requirements, meaning you only pay for what you require, creating an effective, bespoke marketing campaign that produces the results you are looking for.

If you know this all makes sense, now’s the time to call in Tailor Made Media, experts in crafting marketing campaigns that garner results. Whether it’s web design and branding, digital marketing or lead generation, Tailor Made Media manages bespoke and cost-effective marketing campaigns. Get in touch with our friendly team of marketing experts today and let us put your business on the road to marketing success.