The Secret To The Perfect Video Ad

Whether you’re an aimless scroller, or vehemently searching for a specific post online, grabbing the attention of the internet is hard work for businesses. 

As Brits, we’re expected to spend 34 years of our lives looking at some type of screen, which sounds crazy until you realise how many times you pick up your phone on a daily basis. 

The average adult switches on their mobile device within 20 minutes of waking, with 77% of teenagers spending more than 2 hours a day using their phone, laptop and watching TV. 

All this time spent online or watching television means more time for businesses to hit consumers with advertisements, but it comes with its own set of problems. 

Is your audience taking your content in? 

A viewer may be watching your video ad but keeping them engaged in your content is a different metric altogether. 

Marketing companies have spent years trying to work out the best ways to grab the attention of the web, with varying results.  

Latest research from Liang and Liu found individuals are most likely to retain advertising content if they focus once for a longer period, that if they focus several times in short bursts. 

This means business content needs to grab the attention of viewers straight away and keep it for as long as possible. 

That might sound obvious, but creating attention-grabbing content is harder than it sounds. 

Some companies get it right – and we’re sure you can name some of your favourite adverts off the top of your head! If not, here are some of our favourites: 

John Lewis  

John Lewis always provide the emotions at Christmas time, and 2019’s video ad was no different! The Christmas advert has been watched over 10 million times on YouTube, not counting the millions of views it likely received on television screens across the country. 


When the famous gorilla advert first popped onto our screens, the UK sat mesmerised. Households across the UK proclaimed: what even is this trying to sell us? Of course, it was revealed as a Cadbury advert, but not before it caught the attention of the nation 

The first minute of the advert may not have spoken about Cadbury at all, but it increased sales at the brand by 6% – in the middle of a recession too! 

Compare The Market

I’m sure we can all agree, there is nothing better than singing meerkats, especially singing meerkats who offer you freebies. The price comparison site Compare The Market is well known for its inventive video ads, and this one is no different.  



Anyone for gin? The first 75% of the infamous Aldi advert may not be so interesting, but much like a good joke, the final 5 seconds make it enjoyable time and time again. 

If these adverts have piqued your interest, view more of the UK’s favourite adverts here. Hint: it includes a car made of cake and somebody who truly needs glasses. 

As you can see, creating content is hard work. Creating well rounded, beneficial content is even harder. Luckily, if you need a high-quality video advertisement creating for your business, Tailor-Made Media is ready and waiting. 

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