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The Drum Recommends Tailor Made

If you haven’t kept up to date on our social media over the past few weeks, we’ve recently been rated as a ‘recommended agency’ by The Drum, a global media platform and the biggest marketing website in Europe. As you can probably imagine, team spirit is currently through the roof.

This means our clients have rated us so highly that we’ve been recommended as a go-to digital marketing agency for 10 different services including:

– Content Marketing

– Corporate PR

– Lead Generation

– Social Advertising

– Web Design

– Web Development

That news in itself was enough for us, but when we logged into the dashboard, we were blown away to see that we scored an average of 9.5/10 across the following deliverables: Client Service, Creativity & Innovation, Effectiveness, Strategic Thinking, Value For Money and more.

Each member of the team has had a major role to play in securing this title, going above and beyond to ensure that all clients receive an innovative service that they are unreservedly satisfied with.


What is The Drum?

The Drum is a distinguished publisher with offices in major cities across the world, such as London, Singapore and New York. They’re the biggest marketing website in Europe and with that accolade, it means that we’re being placed in front of globally renowned clients when they’re looking for an agency to take on their marketing.

Not only that, but it means you’re able to draw conclusions from clients that have had successes with a similar requirement to yours. The benefit to you? You don’t have to try and force a square peg into a round hole.


What Our Clients Said About Us

“Tailor Made Media continue to go above and beyond for our brand in the UK. They look after all aspects of our social media, influencer marketing and PR from strategy through to execution. We’re incredibly grateful for our relationship with the wonderful, hardworking team at TMM and the peace of mind they provide us that our brand is in capable hands in the UK.” VOOST 

“With Tailor-Made we have found what we were looking for, an agency that isn’t just a contractor but an extension of our internal department!” Yorwaste

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful clients for taking the time to rate us so highly.

If the pandemic has left you searching for a way to increase your reach, grow your presence and skyrocket your sales, we can provide you with powerful, innovative marketing solutions that are specific to your needs. Contact us today.