Case Study


Digital Marketing, Influencer Outreach

When we needed a company to help deliver the social media element of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals campaign, Tailor-Made Media were the only company for us. The team truly understands the digital marketing landscape and how to use it to create powerful messages to reach mass audiences.


To deliver the key messages of United Nations’ global ’17 Sustainable Development Goals’ campaign, we developed and promoted a suite of leadership videos where celebrities and politicians shared their business contribution and progress towards making the world a more sustainable place.

Through a blend of smart creative thinking and a clever use of media budget, we were able to reach and raise awareness amongst millions of people.

Highlights include :

We amassed millions of three to five minute views through a combination of YouTube advertising, targeted social media posts and a mass influencer outreach.

Not only did we reach millions, our content prompted people to engage, think and act.