Case Study


Digital Marketing, Social Media, PR and Blogs, PPC

Overall satisfaction in terms of management of all marketing platforms and efficient use of budget.


Melitta wanted to discover how a refreshed media mix would maximise awareness and drive sales enquiries. They also wanted to see how we could work in partnership with them to develop their UK brand campaigns.

By using a combination of channels including Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn & Ad Roll, by developing the creative and running with a refined “Melitta Advantage” message, we created sales leads and meeting opportunities for Melitta’s UK sales team.

A strategic PR approach that focuses on sharing up-to-date news about the Melitta business, designed to maintain brand awareness and draw attention amongst the different target markets will run in parallel with the paid advertising.

Highlights include :

An up to date Marketing Strategy to assist in winning new customers over the next 12 months

Leads generated through Facebook and Google Ads for the Melitta Professional sales team.

Initial campaign ran to highlight the partnership with Manchester United with a “Football is back” message

Secondary campaign to promote the Melitta Advantage, USPs and product benefits

Creation of an engaging landing page designed to convert, fully tracked to ensure leads are always monitored