Website Conversions: Make 2020 Your Year!

When it comes to your business’ website, you have 0.2 seconds to make the right impression. A tired website or brand could hurt your profitability, not to mention the poor user experience and high bounce rates. There are numerous hacks that can take your website from drab to fab… Here’s our top tips to increase conversions on your website without the need for a web designer.


Attention! Call to action buttons require TLC too

The main purpose of a website is to get visitors to carry out an action, be it purchasing a product, enquiring about a service or requesting information. Ultimately, these actions are is achieved through ‘call to action’ buttons (CTAs).

The type of copy a CTA consists of is incredibly important and getting it correct can mean the difference between thousands of conversions or zero interest.

The placement and shape of CTAs are also imperative in achieving website conversions… Bright CTAs in a contrasting colour that are of a decent size, and in a good position, will grab the user’s attention and encourage those all-important click- throughs. It is best practice to include your CTA on all landing pages to optimise conversions and always have them above the fold.




Don’t oversell… less is more

Have you ever been on a website, clicked on a form, only to be asked for your life story? Filling in countless questions can be tedious for a website viewer and it will often end in a page exit… Research has shown that out of 1.5 million website visitors, only 49% of them filled out online forms asking for information. Interestingly, forms with drop down boxes are the worst culprits with the highest abandonment rates

The good news is, there are ways you can keep your bounce rate rate down. Keep your information fields concise and clear and avoid unnecessary questions. Alternatively, try to include follow up with emails that automatically re-target users that have left your website – often a little nudge is all it takes.


Play with words… There’s more to copy than meets the eye

There is so much to be said about enticing copy – shoddy writing will leave your marketing strategy flat and lifeless… Loose the hyperbole and flowery vocabulary – being clear and concise in your messaging is much more effective.

It’s not to go unsaid that emotionally charged language can really improve your conversion rate. Connecting with users on a personal level with send your conversion rates soaring.

Copy is also a great way of improving your search engine optimisation (SEO) and how high you rank in search engines. Relevant copy with targeted key words will help guide users to your website and in turn boost conversions. Make sure you answer common search queries on yours site – a FAQ page can help. Above all remember the mantra – good for Google and good for users!


Put your trust in testimonials

70% of consumers will take into account reviews before making a decision on a product or service. With this high statistic prevalent, it makes sound business sense to add reviews and testimonials to your website.

Reviews are a symbol of trust and they help instil confidence in the product or service you are selling. They also help generate a collection of loyal customers, and most importantly business.


A friendly face will go a long way

Videos that include friendly faces ‘humanise’ your brand and add to the personality of your company.

Messages don’t have to be visible; audio and video is a great way to get messages out to users and drive traffic to your website in an alternate way. Videos are a great method of entertainment and can help your brand be remembered or stand out against the competition.


Get clear on landing pages

Dedicated landing pages can improve your conversion rate and help generate business, however, getting the landing page correct is imperative and not something every business gets right.

Remember to have one clear goal per page, keep the design and layout uncluttered so that people don’t get distracted and ensure the most important aspects of your page are always above the fold. Regardless of the type of device, there is a greater chance that website visitors will fill out an online form when it appears above-the-fold.


Don’t ignore social

By adding social follow buttons to your website customers can keep in touch, join in with brand conversations, so you can continue to drive loyalty and digital word of mouth.

Social media following says a great deal about how successful a brand/product is – generally a high following is indictive of a popular and successful company, almost acting as a secondary testimonial for your brand.


Design your way to conversions

The design of a website can make a huge difference when it comes to business and conversion rates. According to Adobe, people would rather read something that is designed to a high-standard rather than plain text.

High quality imagery is imperative when it comes to impeccable website design. They not only look good, they act as an emotional draw to the website visitor and if your company is product based, imagery can boost sales too.

We specialise in creating beautiful websites that sell and are irresistible to your customers and create brands that are authentic.

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