Copywriting is a critical skill and when you work in an industry which requires you to produce portions of writing; it’s important to understand the fundamentals of writing and how to effectively communicate with your reader. Here’s a handy compact guide of how to get the most of your copywriting.


Start with a strong lead

Begin with a punchy lead to draw your readers in. Don’t use a clickbait title or include things that didn’t happen, but a catchy headline is imperative to draw attention.


Go into details

Ensure the headline is broader, and then narrow down the content and follow on with the details. Elaborate what you’ve mentioned in the headline to give your readers more information and to keep them interested.


Move onto the background of the story

This will be the context of the story and close off the story for the reader, providing them with all the information they need.


Master different writing styles

Being able to code switch and adapt a more colloquial tone of voice for the appropriate social platform. Understanding that blogging holds a more sociable tone, whereas ad copy is more short and persuasive; more formal.


Ensure your subject matter is relevant

As important as it is to appeal to your audience, ensure your subject matter is relevant to your company. Something totally out of place with your existing content won’t draw in readers and will just switch people off if they’re used to engaging with your usual content. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t change things up every once in a while, but make a strategic decision when deciding how to do this.


Be original – you have a unique voice/perspective

It may seem as though everything there is to write about, has been written about; but this isn’t the case. You still bring a unique perspective and individual voice which can still e of value and your company/brand may bring a perspective someone hasn’t heard before, so hit publish and allow people to decide for themselves!