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Client Case Study: Driffield Health Hub


Driffield Health Hub’s vision is to see a vibrant Health Hub in Yorkshire that is more than just a gym. It’s the perfect place to get fit, meet friends, relax and unwind, all under one roof. The range of services offered puts the company in a unique position compared to many of its competitors: this includes physiotherapy, beauty treatments and female-only classes.


The objectives of this campaign were to raise brand awareness of the new Health Hub, promote its opening dates and the facilities available at the centre. Across all channels, we were to highlight the USPs of the business in order to differentiate against competitors. We also aimed to generate pre-sales sign ups (target of 50) through the website as well as other relevant channels.

Target Audience:

Our target audience for this campaign was segmented into groups with an interest in health/fitness. The primary audience was made up of males and females aged 18+, residing within a 15 mile radius of Driffield, whilst our secondary audiences were comprised of females, due to the ladies-only gym available at Driffield Health Hub, and seniors (65+), to cover audiences who would be likely to use the facilities during the day when workers are not attending.

Implementation and Creativity:

In order to attract interest, encourage customer engagement, and convert target audiences into sign ups, we created fresh, clean-looking branding, an energetic website and quality, daily social media content offering information about the hub and its facilities, motivation and inspiration.

The logo designed by our delivery team represents a hub; with a master circle, surrounded by smaller circles which represent the range of facilities at Driffield Health Hub, such as acupuncture, beauty, physiotherapy, etc. The colour blue was chosen as it is known to evoke feelings of tranquillity and security. Such feelings of trust are needed in a place where someone may wax your eyebrows!

The website was created using WordPress, as the platform is easily accessible and allows the client to make changes. The main aim was to have a modern site, with a credible-looking landing page in order to encourage visitors to enquire about membership.

Through thoughtful content planning and meticulous delivery, we have shared offers, polls, images of the building work in-progress and general information regarding what is available at Driffield Health Hub. Videos and graphics created by our team performed exceptionally well on Social Media and helped create a buzz in advance of the launch date on 1st August, as well as drive traffic to the website for enquiries.

The PR and print package implemented over two months contained the production of a mixture of advertorials and editorials, including a corporate social responsibility piece, and an opinion piece on industry-specific insights. An interview with manager, Trevor Fish, is to be featured in the August edition of Workout Magazine, UK’s number 1 fitness industry magazine.

Results and Evaluation:

Tailor Made Media’s management of Driffield Health Hubs’ social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been hugely successful, with one video on Facebook (a virtual tour of the Health Hub’s premises) achieving a reach of 28K (22K organic). The Facebook following reached an impressive 1,157 followers within 1 month of activity, and during the week the online profile went live, posts on Facebook had an average of 739 engagements per day, with a total reach of 16,168. Due to the flexibility we offer our clients, we were able to be very reactive to trends on social media, which helped increase audience engagement.

Our pre-sales sign-up target of 50 was exceeded (in less than 1 month), with 138 sign ups and 123 further leads generated through website enquiries. This would not have been possible without the easily-navigated website, with a trustworthy landing page, produced by our team.

In less than a month we have achieved our objectives of increasing brand awareness and even surpassed our target of converted leads by 276%. With a pool of 123 leads yet to contact, Driffield Health Hub can look forward to continued growth moving forwards.

Due to the high-quality, varied content produced by Tailor Made Media, the target audience engages frequently with Driffield Health Hub on social media, which generated fantastic awareness of and excitement for their successful launch on August 1st.

Trevor Fish, General Manager at Driffield Health Hub said the following: “We are thrilled with the fresh, modern branding Tailor Made Media have designed and implemented for Driffield Health Hub. Sam and the team have provided a consistently high-quality service and delivered excellent results through their social media strategy. With friendly, helpful staff, and a competitive pricing structure, we have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”